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                              Tuning the electro-magnetic body to reconnect

with the innate process of self management & self repair - the key to self healing.

The Association of Acmos Method Practitioners UK aims:

  • To provide the public with information about the Acmos Method.

  • To ensure that the public can access a database of qualified individuals who continue to follow the principles of the Acmos Method

  • To enable qualified Acmos Bio-energetics Practitioners to advertise their contact details both to the public and to fellow practitioners.

  • To help practitioners to remain up to date by advertising training courses.

  • To publish a code of ethics which members are required to abide by.


The ACMOS Lecher Antenna enables anyone to tune in to the quality of their energetic health.

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ACMOS METHOD courses are now available online ​at the following links 


Accessing the wisdom of the energy body through the Lecher Antenna to clear  energy blocks



  • how to use the Acmos Antenna

  • the philisophy of the Acmos Method

  • basic principles of application to energy balance your home, your family and your friends.

  • professional application of the ACMOS Method of Energy Balancing for Health


Learn direct from senior teachers of the Acmos Method,  Carol Robertson & Widad Nash, in a small group with an emphasis on practical




The Acmos Method has a firm basis within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) model however TCM pulse taking has been replaced by a specialist biofeedback unit which measures the amount of electrical current passing through the meridian and reaching the 'TING' point as a percentage of the current sent. Needles have also been replaced by a high quality electro-acupuncture point finder and stimulator or alternatively with the Quantacmos, a light pen stimulator which opens acupoints and energy fields.



These short clips gives a brief insight into the practical application of the Acmos Lecher Antenna, The Quantacmos Light Pen and the Acmograph Evaluation Chart.


Simple to learn and apply, the Acmos MethodTM has been developed over the past 40 years by French energy medicine researcher and specialist instrumentation engineer, Rene Naccachian PhD.  The Acmos Method has roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic Medicine, Instrumentation Engineering and Quantum Physics.

The Acmos Method includes the full range of human harmonies needed to allow the body to restore the coherent management of its day to day functions and when it is able, to let go of symptoms. The Acmos Bio-energetician follows the Acmos protocol in order to:

  • Facilitate the return to coherence or harmony

  • Translate the communication of the body.


The ACMOS Method joins the dots - the vibrational connections necessary to understand your ill-health and to guide your self healing - the detail is amazing 

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